Monday, March 23, 2009

Life in the Thomas Lane

Another whirlwind weekend. The thing I want to write about here is a choral workshop I attended, and I know that labels me as a major geek (which I prefer to nerd). Alice Parker and I agree on so many things about choral music, and I didn't know it until Saturday.

Music should be joy. Not joyful, as somber, plaintive, contemplative music exists, too, but it should bring joy nonetheless.

Words are the meaning and you have to let the words help you create and communicate the music of the meaning. Even in Latin or Greek. I have thoroughly enjoyed and felt the words "et sepultus est" and "lux eterna" to the point of a tear in my eye.

That's why I'm a choir geek, but I'll be just as involved singing We Fall Down tomorrow night as well.

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