Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another Cinematic Dream

This was a ghost story, eventually.

I wake up from a dream where someone handed me a photo of a basketball team that I instantly recognize as having coached, helped with, but I don't think played on, which was weird because there was one guy that was vaguely Indian looking (as in India) that was an adult on what was clearly a youth team. Twin boys, some girls, blue team tshirts, all sweaty from having played or practice. "I'd forgotten all about that team!" I said to no one in particular, but it felt like there was someone there. You know how dreams are...

Then there was someone there, but after I thought I saw something eerie. She wasn't my wife (yet, she turned into her, or at least the characters in my dream were married), but she was sitting on the bed clothed while i was sleeping. "I didn't do anything stupid while i was sleeping, like touch your chest or snore?" No, you didn't do anything like that." I think I told her about the photo, and that I didn't feel like I was alone when we saw someone with us, but then gone, then another. Clearly ghost story time! She knew who they were, which was weird because we weren't at home, this was in the south (but maybe not Houston where I am right now). The hotel room became the bedroom of a larger place, as we were seeing these spectres. they were people from her past, but not ones that I knew of, or why there was something unreconciled and why we were seeing them fleetingly.

I was outside, looking in a yard, towards a descending slope through some bushes or growth, there was a view, maybe of a river, and I turned back towards the house/builidng/b&b and she was in the yard, and for some reason I kicked a ball towards her, and she kicked it back.

She was in the basement maybe, but not with me and said something a bout the day of the pig (?). The other character (i think another female) inquired about that and she pointed to the stairs that were all written over (on the risers and the floor under the exposed staircase) with symbols and writing that were, in my mind as the viewer/dreamer, supposed to appear Satanic....

And that's where that cinematic dream ended. I was actually  dozing in and out a little, which may account for he shifts in scenes. I wanted very much to remember this one so I could write it down!