Friday, October 14, 2016

Current Events! Yay!

Snarky comment #1

Wasn't Donald a Democrat in 2005? (and when all these incidents reportedly occurred?)

Here's the thing,people, and remember please, I don't like Trump: politicians have groupies just like other entertainers (see what I did there?). See my post on Anthony Weiner from back in the day.

So, it seems clear to me, at least, that words were given to all the players here by Weiner or his people. What this tells me is that we have yet another set of Democrat parents willing to sacrifice the truth, theirs and their daughters' credibility for a skeezy congressman that they "admire" and think "has done nothing wrong." Does anyone else remember all the support the parents of Chandra Levy gave Gary Condit, even though, while not a murderer, he had been engaged in an inappropriate relationship with her? Monica Lewinsky's parents?
While it is much more rampant among liberals, this cult of personality isn't just for Democrats, either, as Lisa Baron says about sleeping with Republicans in her new book "The Life of the Party,"

"'To be able to say, 'I'm with the such-and-such campaign,' or 'I work for Senator So-and-So' is to us political junkies what "I’m with the band" is to Pamela Des Barres."

I can't speak for you, but this all disgusts me.

There were some pictures of women in t-shirts at the Trump rally last night here in Cincinnati, one was very homemade and said "Trump can grab my" with a big arrow pointing below her belt...the other read "Hey, Trump, talk dirty to me!!!"   These are groupies, and they think any attention from Trump would be just dandy. Therefore, they have given consent, after a fashion.

Consent is the big buzzword over all this, I see on Twitter. It seems to me that that was what he and Billy Bush were talking about, groupies letting you do whatever because you are famous. Consent,eh?

He's a creep, but so are soooooo many people that are in any kind of public role. He's not Hilary.

It really bugs me that the kind of political, crony corruption being exposed by the wikileaks emails is going under the radar because of this perfectly timed release of Donald smearing. Typical, expected, but still frustrating. This was all known, you know it was, and the media and all made sure that he got the nomination so they could bring this out in time to get Hilary elected. At least, we have the emails to prove that, even though it won't matter.

Lastly, I am laughing at the professional sportsters that are all offended with the phrase "locker room talk" like that never happens where they are. Seriously? How many kids by how many baby mamas do our athletes have? Ever heard of Wilt Chamberlain? Here's an old baseball joke that I pull out from time to time to show my disdain for our professional entertainer class, sportsters included:
What's the hardest part about going on a road trip? Not smiling as you kiss your wife goodbye.