Monday, February 29, 2016

Just Wanted To Be On The Record

I have to tell you, every time a lib/prog on FB posts about the evil Trump, I want to scream "you are so stupid you don't even know he's a lifelong Democrat, do you?" I mean really, his donations, his policies, his statements, his votes are D, not R. You have got to be kidding me.

I just want it on the record, when he doesn't get the nomination because he's a Democrat and they finally realize it a the party level.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Welcome to Houston. Bored. Every. Night.

Argh, it's been forever since I've had much to say really. New job in a new city, but travelling back and forth home every week. That sucks, but the $$$ is good.

However, it's not my life's work, you know? I mean, as anyone that has been around me knows, I have no idea what my life's work is, but I know this (like so many other prior vocations) isn't it.

I am excited by the prospect of two purchases that the higher rate of pay may make possible, finally.

A Thing.

A DSLR? I've been thinking, after reading and following some photographers on instagram and tumblr and stuff that a mirrorless camera like the Fujifilm X series would be just right with the type of shooting I do with my iPhone. And then, one that I like in particular if for no other reason that he shoots the kind of stuff I like to shoot (only he's better at it), Robert-Paul Jansen, (instagram, tumblr, his site) writes this post where he has switched to a Nikon. Well, crap. (however, I see that he recently replied to a comment on that post that the Nikon and lens hurts his previously injured shoulder and he's switching back!)

Now, the X series can get pretty expensive, and I am not a pro (although I did sell a photo on Twenty20 once), the camera Jansen shoots with is the X-T1, about $1300, but I think something like the X-E2 or A2 is reasonable.

However, Chris Burkhard, who shoots nature the way I wish I could, is a Sony A7 guy. (instagram, tumblr, website) which is in the thousand dollar range.

Oh, and among those I follow on instagram is Ned Bunnell, former President of Ricoh Pentax Imaging Americas, who shoots mostly with his phone and a trusty Ricoh. Argh! Choices! Decisions! Great photographers! He's been comparing the Fujifilm X70 with his Ricoh lately on instagram, pretty interesting.

So, I clearly have some research to do, but I think I'm going mirrorless rather than full DSLR, especially after all the reading I just did to find all those links!

If, however, I go DLSR, it'll likely be a Canon, just because we've been shooting Canons for years. I still have my AE-1! (image not my actual camera)
I've said before, if I ever won the lottery, I'd just walk around taking pictures. I do anyway....

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