Monday, March 30, 2009

Did You Know?

You seen this, right? I attended a conference last Friday, EdTech stuff,and the creator of the video I hope you just spent 8-ish minutes with was one of the featured speakers. We (he and the attendees) asked a ton of questions. We answered almost none, but that will happen. Gotta ask if you want an answer. He's good at wondering where we should be to prepare students for what is and will be rather than what was.

A funny, but true, moment was asked about Youtube in schools. More content has been added to youtube in the past 6 months than to ABC CBS and NBC since the third of them came along in 1948. Yet, it is blocked by schools. Did you know the Vatican has a YouTube channel now? So You Tube is okay with the Pope, but not American Public Schools and (probably) the Taliban. Funny.

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