Monday, July 29, 2013

No New Posts....

My brother Jim has been literally fighting for his life in the SICU, so I've been out of commission here. Will continue for a while. Avoid leptosprirosis, people (if that's what it is, we don't know), it's a bad organism.

***Ehrlichiosis, it turns out, from the bite of the Lone Star Tick. Yuck.***

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Name You've Never Heard

Larry Grathwohl – RIP American Hero

He was the Uncle of a very close friend, indeed, I know his family very well although I've only met Larry a few times. His experiences took a toll on him, and his passing was sudden, if not totally unexpected. RIP, indeed.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Argh.... We Are So Doomed By Our Stupidity

Maybe not yours or mine, but our citizenry as a whole is apparently pretty stupid. Easily duped. Argh!!!!!

What am I talking about? From the start of the Martin/Zimmerman story, the race-baiters have been all over it, and last night, on TV, the last person to talk to Trayvon made it crystal clear it had nothing to do with race.

In fact she practically came right out and said "Trayvon was afraid he was a rapist and didn't want to lead him to his little brother (alone, the Dad and fiancee were out), so he didn't go home." Not too far to figure maybe Trayvon did, in fact go after the guy he thought was a gay rapist, a "cracka" as in "police" not "whitey," and started the fight after all.

Does that change your perception of the event? Does the possibility that Trayvon was protecting his and his brother's manhood from a gay rapist alter your stance?

A caller to the Dana Loesch show asked today, "if you are on the ground getting pounded, would you ask the age of your attacker?"

So, all the portions of the fake media narrative are blown up. No way to know this 6' 2" attacker was only 17, and no racial component at all. If there was a "hate crime" at all, it may have been Trayvon beating up a guy he thought was gay.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is Civics A Lost Discipline?

I can't believe the level of stupid being exhibited all over the internet and the country over the Zimmerman/Martin case. Locally, I just saw a former teacher on the news totally misrepresent the situation and she probably believes what she said is true. The era of the Low Information Voter is a real thing.

I am sad that so many are participating in, even calling for Mob Rule, and they don't even understand.

I am sad that when presented with the same set of facts, that so many people, some apparently well educated, can't seem to understand how our justice system works and reach a conclusion that is not just wrong, it's stupid.

I am sad that a kid got killed, and that a guy shot him because he thought it was his only choice.

I am ANGRY that our media is this screwed up, that they used this story to create a furor, that they manipulated tapes and created a narrative that barely resembles reality, and angry that they got away with it.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Go Ahead, Tax Carbon, But Nothing Will Change

Thanks to Junk Science, I saw this today:

The Carbon Tax: Washington's Latest Bad Idea, Oddly Shepherded By Republicans

I love this:

"One can use the EPA’s own model (curiously, acronymed MAGICC) to assess the effects on global temperature of emissions reductions that would be caused by a carbon tax. Assuming outrageously high taxes that would reduce them by 83% (giving Americans the per-capita emissions of 1867), the amount of warming that would be prevented is too small to measure on the 50-year time scale. Anything less does even less."

In other words, the effects are essentially the same as doing nothing. Why then, should we do it??

FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Today's Thing

Asking $3000? Why do I have to be so short on cash?

Holy crap, this is a steal.

"I am a VW collector in Janesville Wisconsin.The City of Janesville Passed a New Law per Jan.11,2010 having you get rid of any Classic cars or trucks unless they run and drive and must have plates.They say you can hide them from us,then we will not mess with you for now.As a result of this Law that was passed we are selling a VW Thing that has been inside for 20 years.It does have the original engine,all parts are original.The engine is not seized up and I believe it is a duel port 1600.The best engine in my opinion.Plan on going through this part of history as I am sure it needs restoration. Call for a showing Mail back if intrested with your number."

BTW, this Ebay Thing is undervalued currently as well.