Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, it's insomnia time. It happens occasionally, not sure why: sometimes stress, sometimes I don't have a clue. The brain just won't shut down.

After mindless websearching, I thought a post here might help. Still reading Tim's blog about his mom, Char P., and hoping that it gives him some peace. She's not going anywhere gently! Good on her, as they say.

Finally got the dvd of the Christ Hospital Commercials, and it was wrong and didn't work completely. Bummer. At least one was right! That's a job for tomorrow. It's on FB, but if you're here, you've been there, as I did put this site in my Facebook: I'm anxious to see if anyone notices, or reads this! Let me know if you got this far.

I might have to start labeling these. That could be fun for the feeble minded.

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