Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hey, I'm a busy person in real life, ok?

I'm posting today to say that I wanted to make sure it hadn't been a month since I posted.

Enjoyed a Nature show last night so I didn't have to watch the Obama Commercial. Man, do people turn their brains off. Seriously, people I know, love, and respect are in favor of government run Health Care. Wow. Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, all work so well, after all. Very efficient. And the military is famous for keeping costs down: $1000 hammers, anyone? Of course FEMA is a gold standard, so I must be the crazy one.

I clearly missed the email advising Obama supporters to publicize their support on sites like Facebook, as those poll results keep showing up. If I was more confrontational I'd be all over that, but someone has to play nice. For now.

Don't forget to check out Mars during August, it's the closest it's been to Earth in recorded history.