Friday, March 13, 2009

I feel so bad for the police officers that:

1. Found the monster that killed Esme Kenney (and others) because she was a neighbor of and knew Esme and recognized her iPod and watch when he emptied his pockets.
2. Found her body with his k-9 partner because they had encountered the monster in a sexual assault call, shaving and bleaching himself in a bathroom, still in the building of the assault!

The emotional toil of police work is touched on in the myriad cop dramas, but we owe them our thanks. They see people at their worst and have to go home to their families without being jaded, and knowing the worst that people can experience.

They are the first to admit that whatever they feel is nothing compared to the victims' families. Pray for them all.

I am angry that this creep was walking around my city, however. What the fix is, I haven't determined, but there needs to be one. I'll ponder that, as many are, I'm sure.

Pray for our city.

Someone knew this freak. People knew him. Why did no one drop a dime on this monster? What "culture" protects a convicted murderer and sex offender? Please tell me he was in hiding, operating on the fringes, avoiding contact, and I'll take a breath, but this monster is evil to the core, a calculating killer from the first murder at the age of 18. If anyone knew him and didn't speak, they have a share in as many as 4 lives lost. Shame.

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