Friday, February 28, 2014

Bucket List

So, I should be working. (actually, that would be a great title for another blog or website).

I watched Casey Neistat stuff, not even sure how I ended up doing that. Then, there's yesterday's post about VW Things.

I've pointed out this young lady's tumblr before. Lots of cool images about stuff I like right there.

Huckberry always gets me motivated.

So, the list. The bucket list. It's also on Pinterest, sorta. *reminder to link to that later*

I am 48 year 7 months 9 days old, 17,756 days to be exact, and I've done a lot of things. Let's see, a brief list includes travels to Haiti, East (and West Germany), Canada, Ireland England and Scotland, Devil's Tower, Mt. Rushmore, Wall SD, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, LA, San Diego, NYC, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Washington DC, McKinney Texas, all over Florida, Gatlinburg and the Smokys, BWCAW, Madison WI, Grand Traverse bay, Mackinac Island, Disney World and Disneyland, ok?

I've skied a bunch (not enough), played guitar a bunch, I was an Irish step-dancer, been the lead in a musical, choired all over the place, taught horseback riding, canoed, rock climbed, hiked and camped. I even did a triathlon

Never been to the Pacific Northwest or the Atlantic Northeast. Mexico. Asia. Greece. Paris. North Dakota. Plenty of places yet to visit.

Here's where I really want to go: South Pacific, including New Zealand and Australia. Greece. Rural France. the Black Sea. Siberia (really, it intrigues me). The Canadian Maritimes. Seattle and Maine.

I kinda learned how to surf in Ireland in 1988, I'd like to do that more seriously. So, Hawaii would be nice.
I want to learn scuba.
Get my motorcycle endorsement.
Concealed carry, just to be legal, I don't even really want to own a gun, however.
Skydive/hang glide
Become a functional piano player
Learn a new string instrument, mandolin, or ukelele maybe. Get better at the ones I already know.
Do stand-up once.
Be in a band.
Sing in front of a large audience, again.
Write and publish a novel, or a collection of short work.
Lose a few pounds. Not exactly a 'bucket list' item for most, but it is for me.
Own and regularly drive a VW Thing. (duh)

I'll keep adding.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bored, So, Things....

Okey Dokey, I should be working, but here are some things for today. As always, don't forget to check out The

The one that was for sale locally is gone, sadly, but here are some contenders: damaged, but cheap ($3000)

$2500 is Cheap, but not running and faaaaar away from me, like the first one:

This one has been hanging around on CL for a while, with several different links, and photos and prices.....

Needs body work
White with Green Fenders
No top
JOE (239) 249-0128

I've posted it before, too.

 or $3600

Santa Fe has this to offer at $2000:

and lastly, the closest one to me, pretty fairly priced at $3950

Here's a $500 thing that needs floors and tires and.... Pictures are so bad, I'm not posting any.

Friday, February 7, 2014

I Am Such A Geek, Sometimes.

So, there's a new Cadillac commercila running about entrepreneurs, starting in gargages, and somehow that relates to owning a Cadillac, BUT

I saw this "Amazon started in a garage..."

and immediately thought: "that's Marty McFly's house!"

I was close, but not correct. This is Marty McFly's house, similar style, just not the same house or location!

Oh well!