Monday, March 23, 2009

Gaffes? I think not.

Poor Dan Quayle. I mean that. In this yahoo "story" he is again accused of mis-spelling potato by waiting for a student to add a "e" on the end. Further, the blogger confirms her version using his own words about the repercussions, but, smarter people recognize, he did not confirm the gaffe.

Why? Well, anyone who isn't a biased idiot knows that the word was on a card VP Qualye was using to test the students, provided by the teacher for the photo-op spelling contest, and the card was wrong. That, and the reporter was "there to see him screw something up." And the kid was bussed in from a different school.

Now, I happen to see a world of difference between wanting not embarassing a teacher by questioning the card (which in robotic photo-op fashion, never occured to Quayle, he just went through the motions) or wishing to embarrass a Vice President and calling your own bad bowling "like the Special Olympics." Off the cuff comments are a window into your psyche, like when Bush was caught calling an asshole reporter an asshole. That wasn't a gaffe, either.

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