Friday, October 14, 2016

Current Events! Yay!

Snarky comment #1

Wasn't Donald a Democrat in 2005? (and when all these incidents reportedly occurred?)

Here's the thing,people, and remember please, I don't like Trump: politicians have groupies just like other entertainers (see what I did there?). See my post on Anthony Weiner from back in the day.

So, it seems clear to me, at least, that words were given to all the players here by Weiner or his people. What this tells me is that we have yet another set of Democrat parents willing to sacrifice the truth, theirs and their daughters' credibility for a skeezy congressman that they "admire" and think "has done nothing wrong." Does anyone else remember all the support the parents of Chandra Levy gave Gary Condit, even though, while not a murderer, he had been engaged in an inappropriate relationship with her? Monica Lewinsky's parents?
While it is much more rampant among liberals, this cult of personality isn't just for Democrats, either, as Lisa Baron says about sleeping with Republicans in her new book "The Life of the Party,"

"'To be able to say, 'I'm with the such-and-such campaign,' or 'I work for Senator So-and-So' is to us political junkies what "I’m with the band" is to Pamela Des Barres."

I can't speak for you, but this all disgusts me.

There were some pictures of women in t-shirts at the Trump rally last night here in Cincinnati, one was very homemade and said "Trump can grab my" with a big arrow pointing below her belt...the other read "Hey, Trump, talk dirty to me!!!"   These are groupies, and they think any attention from Trump would be just dandy. Therefore, they have given consent, after a fashion.

Consent is the big buzzword over all this, I see on Twitter. It seems to me that that was what he and Billy Bush were talking about, groupies letting you do whatever because you are famous. Consent,eh?

He's a creep, but so are soooooo many people that are in any kind of public role. He's not Hilary.

It really bugs me that the kind of political, crony corruption being exposed by the wikileaks emails is going under the radar because of this perfectly timed release of Donald smearing. Typical, expected, but still frustrating. This was all known, you know it was, and the media and all made sure that he got the nomination so they could bring this out in time to get Hilary elected. At least, we have the emails to prove that, even though it won't matter.

Lastly, I am laughing at the professional sportsters that are all offended with the phrase "locker room talk" like that never happens where they are. Seriously? How many kids by how many baby mamas do our athletes have? Ever heard of Wilt Chamberlain? Here's an old baseball joke that I pull out from time to time to show my disdain for our professional entertainer class, sportsters included:
What's the hardest part about going on a road trip? Not smiling as you kiss your wife goodbye.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tulsa, Charlotte, BLM, Police Shootings and Whatnot

I have precious little to contribute to the whole discussion, frankly, as so much has been said. I found this interesting article about the difference between Tulsa and Charlotte's reactions to the shootings in their cities, and it echoes one of the points I learned here in Cincinnati as a result of our difficulties in the past and the change in how the CPD now deals with controversial policing events: get the information out ASAP. That's what Tulsa did: released the video to the family and the public and made quick (but not hasty) determinations about the event and the charges against one of their own officers. Delay feeds unrest. Charlotte finally released the footage they had. It's not good.

70% of the arrests made in Charlotte's protests and riots (there was both and they weren't necessarily related) were of out of state people. That's right, the professional protesters are real and they were there. No conspiracy theories necessary. Rush\ thinks that fact that Oklahoma isn't going to vote for Hilary anyway, so why send them there? North Carolina, however,is in play, and mobilizing the black vote for Hilary is important. That's his spin, can't see any fault in it, whether or not I agree.

Now, my input is that it is possible to have two views of these events. Clearly, there is no reason for the cops to have approached these men and cars the way they did. I believe it was because of their skin color. I also believe that there was no indication that any of the officers were in mortal (or really any kind of) danger. That's disturbing, methinks. the job of the police is tough, but these filmed incidents aren't helping.

That being said, it is also, I think, reasonable and fair to ask why the men, innocent or not, didn't simply comply with the officers? That's a factor, folks. Clearly the guy in Tulsa didn't follow the officer's instructions, even without audio, you don't back away from the cop towards your vehicle. Ever. He shouldn't have been in the situation, but that made a stupid situation worse, it took a "hey, I'm stalled here asking for help, why is your weapon out, Ma'am," to a fatal encounter. Should she have been scared? I can see no reason for it. She WAS, though, justified or not. I'm sure he could have talked her down and de-escalated the situation by just standing still and complying with her.

Again,let me re-iterate: I am not blaming him or excusing her. More information may come to light. But, if I'm confronted with a scared cop that has her gun out (wtf, amiright?), I'm frozen, compliant, and talking calmly "I'm just having car trouble, I'm not sure why you are handling me this way. I'll remain frozen till your backup gets here so we can all go home tonight safely. Just wait for your backup and I'll stand right here." I am not walking back to my car under any circumstances, even if I'm promising to get my license and registration, or shut the car off (was his running, even?). Nope.

The Charlotte, well that looks really bad. No call was made reporting the guy as far as I know, and to have several officers show up like that, it's strange. He was definitely not being threatening when he was shot, as far as you can see on the video. Three shots? Really? Toxicology will reveal more, but he seemed compliant to me. Even if he had a gun in his ankle holster, that's legal. The cops say it was in his hand, of course, but the video isn't conclusive either way (to his credit, that's what the family's attorney said as well). Yikes.

Here's the rub, though. There's some social media about a white kid that got sold some pot by an undercover, then they tried to arrest him and he kept driving...and got shot to death. No media coverage at all.

There's also this article about 2016 shootings indicating that in raw numbers far more whites get killed by police. Interesting. Also, of hundreds have been shot, why do just a few cause riots and get all the national attention. That, I believe, is very political, which takes us back to Rush's claims. Something to think about....

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Once A Weiner, Always A Weiner.

Let's start with me showing some restraint...a nephew of a sweet friend of mine from years ago was part of a team that won a fricking Sundance award for their documentary on serial reprobate Anthony Weiner, and I'm not going to ask on Facebook how they are all dealing with this latest news that the rest of us were right all along and HE IS A SCUMBAG!!!!

He's at it again. I am sick of the apologists. He has been able to continue being a predator because of the Democrat party and his connections to Hilary Clinton. Sick. Read the story, see how this girl actually admired him. Pathetic. Her father allowed this because he didn't want to mess with her already fragile mental state? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. People putting politicians on pedestals allows this mentality, this idol worship, this cult of personality. It sickens me.

I wrote what I think was an exceptional short post about this asshole a few years ago.... I linked it last time his name came up, because he's a SERIAL SCUMBAG.
What I find most disturbing is that the parents of the High School girls that are a part of all of this willingly parroted the Weiner Talking Points, same as given to the former porn star.

Politics over morals and family, I guess. Disgusting. Yet, it happens every time. Chandra Levy's family loved Gary Condit who, while not a murderer, was involved inappropriately with their daughter. Monica Lewinski's parents just looooved Bill Clinton (well, at first). Yuck.

Wonder what those parents are saying today?

Let's see who defends him this time.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I May Switch Gears On Here For A While

I just got diagnosed with some polyps on my vocal folds (lesions, if you will) that will require surgery. I'm a little freaked out, although not majorly as I've gotten several reassurances about the procedure and the surgeon, but still a little freaked out.

Have I mentioned that I'm a singer?

Of course I have. The Cincinnati Christmas Carolers. Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church Cathedral Choir.

Have I mentioned that my current career as a trainer requires me to talk quite a bit? So, this isn't just, "oh, I can't do that thing I like to do," it's also "how am I going to earn a living?" Regular readers (ha!) should know that after my first 6 glorious months as an Epic consultant trainer, I have been unemployed for 2 and a half months.... So, the inabililty to do that job puts me in quite a situation, eh?

(This is the part where I cuss excessively)

So, let's recap the summer, shall we?

All of the extra cash I make working for the big consulting money gets used paying off bills. Then, I get rolled off the project, so instead of having 6 months to bank the rest, I have no job. No one else seems to be interested in my Epic skill set. I do some work for a friend, and like a fool, I stash the cash in my car. I never do that, but I didn't take it inside my house. My car got robbed in my driveway. Twenty years living here, no crime, and the night I have cash in my car, it gets robbed. $200ish.

Now, my source of income is in jeopardy. Life is good.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I'm In Texas, Still Looking At Things!

So, the dream continues (I really feel like I need to reward myself for being away from everything I want to be near chasing these dollars) as I sit alone in a hotel in Texas.

Here are some VW Things in my price range:

For $3000 is this Thing that needs work on its transmission: Austin, TX

oooh, artsy with the color correction...

Here's one in Ft. Lauderdale for $3450, claiming "needs a complete restoration..."

"1974 VW Thing Running and Driving. This Thing has the optional Roll Cage and has lived in the Bahamas for the past 20 years. Now in Fort Lauderdale but in total need of cosmetic restoration. Luckily every part is available in catalogs. And an added bonus, restored Things are bringing top dollars. 
Asking $3,450.00 Title is now in hand but please understand this "Thing" needs complete restoration"

asking $4500 with no pictures in New Ulm, TX is a "type 181 great starter car... body, interior and motor in good shape...very rare car,only 12,000 allowed to come in the U.S. in 1973 and 1974.. It's a all original car... call and come see....I can send you pics if your interested...thanks for your time...."

Here's one I actually emailed a guy about here in Houston, asking $3500 for a 73. He says "This car needs pans and brakes, it does run and has new motor mounts and transmission mounts. 
It comes with seats and top frame and side window cores. I can send lots more pictures, but the car is a project and priced accordingly. It should not be considered a candiate for restoration, but will be enjoyable as a driver. 
It does have an external oil cooler installed by the PO. 
high res photo album link "

I'm not sure why one "enjoyable as a driver" would not be a candidate for restoration, but whatever!

I asked him "I was wondering how far away this is from being a driver? I'd love to see the additional photos you mentioned, I'm working 4 days a week in Houston for the year and have been considering finding something to kick around town in! I have to say your warehouse looks amazing, if there are any times a guy could just pop in and wander with a stupid grin on his face, that'd be cool, too, as long as it wouldn't be wasting your time. 

Thanks, "  and he replied, "here is a link to a few of the project things

yes you can come and wander the halls during the week between 10-4
You can see in person what photos never show, so just come, bring flashlight and old clothes."  

Make of that what you will, but check out his warehouse of stuff....

Stepping up to the $4000 level is this Thing from near Madison WI.   "1974 VW thing. Ran when I parked it in my shop last year..all it does is sit there. Runs drives. Everything is there. No time to invest into it any longer. Floors are shot. Will consider trades. Always wanted a good running pre 64 beetle... 4000 or best offer. Looking to stop paying shop rent. Things are rare. Might not get another chance like this..... clean title in hand"

There are plenty of jokes online about "ran when parked" but this is okay looking. Floors are a few hundred per side, so add $5-600 for that after the fact. Best seats so far!

Pretty good round up!  I have some other toys I'm interested in, but I'll save those for another post...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another Cinematic Dream

This was a ghost story, eventually.

I wake up from a dream where someone handed me a photo of a basketball team that I instantly recognize as having coached, helped with, but I don't think played on, which was weird because there was one guy that was vaguely Indian looking (as in India) that was an adult on what was clearly a youth team. Twin boys, some girls, blue team tshirts, all sweaty from having played or practice. "I'd forgotten all about that team!" I said to no one in particular, but it felt like there was someone there. You know how dreams are...

Then there was someone there, but after I thought I saw something eerie. She wasn't my wife (yet, she turned into her, or at least the characters in my dream were married), but she was sitting on the bed clothed while i was sleeping. "I didn't do anything stupid while i was sleeping, like touch your chest or snore?" No, you didn't do anything like that." I think I told her about the photo, and that I didn't feel like I was alone when we saw someone with us, but then gone, then another. Clearly ghost story time! She knew who they were, which was weird because we weren't at home, this was in the south (but maybe not Houston where I am right now). The hotel room became the bedroom of a larger place, as we were seeing these spectres. they were people from her past, but not ones that I knew of, or why there was something unreconciled and why we were seeing them fleetingly.

I was outside, looking in a yard, towards a descending slope through some bushes or growth, there was a view, maybe of a river, and I turned back towards the house/builidng/b&b and she was in the yard, and for some reason I kicked a ball towards her, and she kicked it back.

She was in the basement maybe, but not with me and said something a bout the day of the pig (?). The other character (i think another female) inquired about that and she pointed to the stairs that were all written over (on the risers and the floor under the exposed staircase) with symbols and writing that were, in my mind as the viewer/dreamer, supposed to appear Satanic....

And that's where that cinematic dream ended. I was actually  dozing in and out a little, which may account for he shifts in scenes. I wanted very much to remember this one so I could write it down!

Monday, March 21, 2016

New Camera!

I finally took the leap and bought a used mirrorless Fujifilm X-M1. I'm pretty stoked! 

Unfortunately, my new-to-me camera is at home and I am not. Picture taking will have to wait a few more days. 

The timing is both lucky and intentional, I wanted it before I headed off to Florida for this year's Spring Break trip (knowing my part of the trip will only last 3 days) where I might test it out. 

Keep shooting!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Things (of the VW type)

Hello, it's me....I know it's been a while. As previously noted, new job, new city, travelling back and forth to home, blah blah blah....

Trolling today (kinda slow day at work, everyone else has either headed to the airport (consultants like me) or are on-site and this new For Sale item caught my eye. The seller is asking $3400, which these days (after some ridiculous sales in the big auctions like Barrett-Jackson) is quite the bargain. ***Update*** looks like someone already made an offer! Took less than 12 hours!

Don't believe me? Here's another thing on that site asking about the same price ($3500):

I don't think the Mrs. would go for it, though.

At the same time, I am watching a few cameras on Ebay, some Fujifilm X-M1s, that I don't feel the need to clear with the wifey, assuming I can get the bargain I am hoping for!

Just for fun, here are some craigslist links, sorry I'm too lazy to post the photos...

A white 73 Covered in bird poop asking $7500

A yellow baja'd version also asking $7500... 

$4500 for a yellow one with sideways photos

One in camo for a reasonable $4950 (also on thesamba with more photos)

Monday, February 29, 2016

Just Wanted To Be On The Record

I have to tell you, every time a lib/prog on FB posts about the evil Trump, I want to scream "you are so stupid you don't even know he's a lifelong Democrat, do you?" I mean really, his donations, his policies, his statements, his votes are D, not R. You have got to be kidding me.

I just want it on the record, when he doesn't get the nomination because he's a Democrat and they finally realize it a the party level.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Welcome to Houston. Bored. Every. Night.

Argh, it's been forever since I've had much to say really. New job in a new city, but travelling back and forth home every week. That sucks, but the $$$ is good.

However, it's not my life's work, you know? I mean, as anyone that has been around me knows, I have no idea what my life's work is, but I know this (like so many other prior vocations) isn't it.

I am excited by the prospect of two purchases that the higher rate of pay may make possible, finally.

A Thing.

A DSLR? I've been thinking, after reading and following some photographers on instagram and tumblr and stuff that a mirrorless camera like the Fujifilm X series would be just right with the type of shooting I do with my iPhone. And then, one that I like in particular if for no other reason that he shoots the kind of stuff I like to shoot (only he's better at it), Robert-Paul Jansen, (instagram, tumblr, his site) writes this post where he has switched to a Nikon. Well, crap. (however, I see that he recently replied to a comment on that post that the Nikon and lens hurts his previously injured shoulder and he's switching back!)

Now, the X series can get pretty expensive, and I am not a pro (although I did sell a photo on Twenty20 once), the camera Jansen shoots with is the X-T1, about $1300, but I think something like the X-E2 or A2 is reasonable.

However, Chris Burkhard, who shoots nature the way I wish I could, is a Sony A7 guy. (instagram, tumblr, website) which is in the thousand dollar range.

Oh, and among those I follow on instagram is Ned Bunnell, former President of Ricoh Pentax Imaging Americas, who shoots mostly with his phone and a trusty Ricoh. Argh! Choices! Decisions! Great photographers! He's been comparing the Fujifilm X70 with his Ricoh lately on instagram, pretty interesting.

So, I clearly have some research to do, but I think I'm going mirrorless rather than full DSLR, especially after all the reading I just did to find all those links!

If, however, I go DLSR, it'll likely be a Canon, just because we've been shooting Canons for years. I still have my AE-1! (image not my actual camera)
I've said before, if I ever won the lottery, I'd just walk around taking pictures. I do anyway....

Oh, yeah, check me on