Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mother Earth Wins

Well, I admit to have been inspired to post about this by a number-one-ranked radio host, but these thoughts are my own: it's just that we agree. It's funny how often I react to something and have my reaction shared on that program; that's how I realized I was conservative, by the way, by listening to #1 and realizing he was saying what I thought. Try it.

Back to the Earthquake/Tsunami combo:

Simply put, if you think that your Prius or your neighbor's SUV make a dang but of difference after seeing what the Earth can dish out, you are an idiot, a useful idiot, or a liar.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Prisons vs Schools? Really?

So, I'm going to solve a problem in one sentence for a local new channel. Sunday March 13th, I watched a story about how prisons get more money than schools, something along the lines of $18,000 per inmate, versus $3,800 per student.

Really? Here's my sentence: we house and feed our prisoners, and that costs a lot more than teachers and textbooks.

Done. Duh. Go back to grandstanding. Seriously, what a big pile of duh. If you'll allow me one more sentence, the state foots the entire bill for prisons and only a portion of the bill for education, and there are those that would debate whether education is the State's responsibility at all.

I should note that I taught, public high school, for about 9 years, I know what the state money buys.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Socialists Tell You What They Are All About

See, I have a lot more respect for honest, upfront socialists than the progressives, who are for socialist policies but either don't realize it or won't admit it.

This came from The Blaze (to which I never go, frankly) via a tweet. WARNING, a socialist drops the F-bomb several times and talks about his feelings (this is highlighted in the only manipulative edit. It's funny, so it's okay with me, and doesn't change the meaning of what he says).

So, watch and make fun of the total inanity of what these folks are saying.

Let's see, Rob, two things: when the workers pay for the fixtures, the licenses, the taxes, the fees, the inspections, the supplies, the insurance, etc., that the owner has paid, then we can talk about shared ownership. Seriously, did he whine about being told when to come to work, and what to cook? "I'm sorry, Ma'am, the cook chose to make your Pad Thai with beef a Wisconsin Chicken Macaroni in the face of your oppressive capitalistic demand."

Then, let's discuss you selling the magazine... that's okay, right, because the proceeds from the sale are evenly distributed among all that were involved in the production of the magazine, right? Maybe I should have him read my very short explanation of capitalism.

Oooh, and I love the kid, Ben, that identifies himself as from a "radical collective space in West Bend Wisconsin." Seriously? I would have laughed out loud saying something that silly, but not Ben, he believes it.

Now, I might challenge their definition of socialism, anyway, as I have always been taught that it means the government owns the means of production, not the people, but that's just quibbling. Shouldn't they belong to a communist organization, not a socialist one?