Friday, August 29, 2014

This Would Be Fun.

A flight of fancy had me considering a crazy Kickstarter campaign to raise cash to buy, fix up, and drive a VW Thing to all 48 contiguous United States. Film it, post updates from the road, then write a book to accompany the film. Whatd'ya think?

Here are some maps created by others for this very task:

Totally doable.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Latest Group Of Vehicles I'd Like

The usual things are still drawing my attention, a non running 73 for $2500 Ebay link

and an orange 73 for $3500, (**SOLD** i suppose, ad is deleted) maybe the best deal here:
"1973 VW Thing. Cranks, runs, drives. Vehicle was used to ferry my kids around at our hunting property.They are now grown and I prefer to walk. Thing was stored inside for last 20 years. It is complete other than steering wheel ring and sun visors. I have a new top, in the box, from The Thing Shop in Arizona that will go with the car.
It has a noticeable shimmy between 45 and 50 mph and will need ball joints. It pops out of reverse but will go backwards when necessary. Floor pans are 80% or so."

This is rough, for 2000 "1973 vw thing no title but will give bill sale engine is locked up from sitting no water: engine never been removed gas heater complete $2000.00 or best offer"

"Bought this last year and put about 200-250 miles on it (drove great until the carb started acting up). only needs a new carburetor to be fully functioning and to enjoy this summer not a huge project. comes with soft door tops and the top frame(no canvas). Very little rust!! comes with a bill of sale"

This is also a good deal, in my estimation:  also asking $4500, "The car is currently not running but was running when it was put into storage 7 years ago. There is no battery in the car currently as it was removed when it failed. It was running just fine when stored but the transmission was having trouble with 3rd gear.
I drove it for 2 years with this problem by adapting to not using 3rd gear. I acquired a used replacement transmission to replace it, but have not installed it, and it is included with the car."

and over in Indy is a nice red "1973 VW Thing. Alabama car no rust runs but has been sitting no title bill of sale only $4000 OBO" ***Dec 2014 update, now asking $5000*****


but, I do have to admit that I have started looking at another old favorite, the MG: These are plentiful at reasonable prices. If I actually owned my Camry (it's in my wife's name), I'd be attempting a trade already....

close to home for $2000:

Also close to home for $3500, "Very good condition, no rust, good tires, 4 speed transmission, Has top and full tonneau cover, new spare clutch still in the box, spare tire and jack, new radiator." 

Cheap at $3000 in town, at prices like these, I need to rethink my Thing obsession:

I'm not gonna bother with pictures, but here's 2 MGs for $1650 one of which will drive today, if you don't mind no passenger seat....

This is fantastic, $3500 but "make an offer?" You have to be kidding, compared to what Things are asking? **now asking $2800!!!!****

Lastly, for $2100. OBO? Seriously? I think my daughter needs one. "1977 mg midget, runs and drives 
things that need to be fixed ..the radio ,horn, the turn signal piece I have a new one to replace it"

I remain interested in motorcycles, maybe moreso now that I have actually had a chance to ride a dirt back (slowly) in my back yard.

a nice Kawasaki locally for $1750 obo

I really like older bikes, the new styling just doesn't appeal to me, nor do I want a crotch rocket, so this 1971 Honda CB 350 asking all of $600 OBO is my style:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Random Monday Thoughts after a long time not posting.

Sitting in church yesterday thinking (during sermon Part 2, the sequel) about the topic, "joy," when I tried to come up with a bumper-sticker-t-shirt-slogan line about the difference between Pleasure, Happiness, and Joy.

How about "Pleasure is eating a cookie, Happiness is sharing cookies with a friend, and Joy is teaching a loved one to bake cookies."
** 8/19 update, thought of a new spin today: "don't seek happiness in pleasure, find pleasure in your happiness."  oooooo, deeeeeep.

I was thinking about a couple of things somewhat deeply as well, most of which is now lost in the recesses of my mind. Some continuations about the conflicts of being a human, which I have mentioned before: we want to be independent, strong, self-sufficient, yet at the same time we want to be taken care of. Makes our system here in America difficult to manage. I'm not the first to think that a truly benevolent dictatorship may be the best system, but that person would get killed anyway, and then it would just be a regular dictatorship. Alas.

Also, it came to me that we are simultaneously part a group (or groups) yet want to be regarded as an individual.

I was actually thinking specifically about the dilemma of inclusive language, and how we shouldn't take everything so stinking personally, but it's hard not to, right? It was pointed out to me long ago that all the God as Father references could be off putting to someone that had a crappy Dad (or Mom, there are those references as well), but if we could all just take a step away and see that it isn't always all about us maybe more would find comfort in the words? I dunno, just thinking out loud.