Thursday, June 16, 2016

I'm In Texas, Still Looking At Things!

So, the dream continues (I really feel like I need to reward myself for being away from everything I want to be near chasing these dollars) as I sit alone in a hotel in Texas.

Here are some VW Things in my price range:

For $3000 is this Thing that needs work on its transmission: Austin, TX

oooh, artsy with the color correction...

Here's one in Ft. Lauderdale for $3450, claiming "needs a complete restoration..."

"1974 VW Thing Running and Driving. This Thing has the optional Roll Cage and has lived in the Bahamas for the past 20 years. Now in Fort Lauderdale but in total need of cosmetic restoration. Luckily every part is available in catalogs. And an added bonus, restored Things are bringing top dollars. 
Asking $3,450.00 Title is now in hand but please understand this "Thing" needs complete restoration"

asking $4500 with no pictures in New Ulm, TX is a "type 181 great starter car... body, interior and motor in good shape...very rare car,only 12,000 allowed to come in the U.S. in 1973 and 1974.. It's a all original car... call and come see....I can send you pics if your interested...thanks for your time...."

Here's one I actually emailed a guy about here in Houston, asking $3500 for a 73. He says "This car needs pans and brakes, it does run and has new motor mounts and transmission mounts. 
It comes with seats and top frame and side window cores. I can send lots more pictures, but the car is a project and priced accordingly. It should not be considered a candiate for restoration, but will be enjoyable as a driver. 
It does have an external oil cooler installed by the PO. 
high res photo album link "

I'm not sure why one "enjoyable as a driver" would not be a candidate for restoration, but whatever!

I asked him "I was wondering how far away this is from being a driver? I'd love to see the additional photos you mentioned, I'm working 4 days a week in Houston for the year and have been considering finding something to kick around town in! I have to say your warehouse looks amazing, if there are any times a guy could just pop in and wander with a stupid grin on his face, that'd be cool, too, as long as it wouldn't be wasting your time. 

Thanks, "  and he replied, "here is a link to a few of the project things

yes you can come and wander the halls during the week between 10-4
You can see in person what photos never show, so just come, bring flashlight and old clothes."  

Make of that what you will, but check out his warehouse of stuff....

Stepping up to the $4000 level is this Thing from near Madison WI.   "1974 VW thing. Ran when I parked it in my shop last year..all it does is sit there. Runs drives. Everything is there. No time to invest into it any longer. Floors are shot. Will consider trades. Always wanted a good running pre 64 beetle... 4000 or best offer. Looking to stop paying shop rent. Things are rare. Might not get another chance like this..... clean title in hand"

There are plenty of jokes online about "ran when parked" but this is okay looking. Floors are a few hundred per side, so add $5-600 for that after the fact. Best seats so far!

Pretty good round up!  I have some other toys I'm interested in, but I'll save those for another post...

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