Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I May Switch Gears On Here For A While

I just got diagnosed with some polyps on my vocal folds (lesions, if you will) that will require surgery. I'm a little freaked out, although not majorly as I've gotten several reassurances about the procedure and the surgeon, but still a little freaked out.

Have I mentioned that I'm a singer?

Of course I have. The Cincinnati Christmas Carolers. Hyde Park Community United Methodist Church Cathedral Choir.

Have I mentioned that my current career as a trainer requires me to talk quite a bit? So, this isn't just, "oh, I can't do that thing I like to do," it's also "how am I going to earn a living?" Regular readers (ha!) should know that after my first 6 glorious months as an Epic consultant trainer, I have been unemployed for 2 and a half months.... So, the inabililty to do that job puts me in quite a situation, eh?

(This is the part where I cuss excessively)

So, let's recap the summer, shall we?

All of the extra cash I make working for the big consulting money gets used paying off bills. Then, I get rolled off the project, so instead of having 6 months to bank the rest, I have no job. No one else seems to be interested in my Epic skill set. I do some work for a friend, and like a fool, I stash the cash in my car. I never do that, but I didn't take it inside my house. My car got robbed in my driveway. Twenty years living here, no crime, and the night I have cash in my car, it gets robbed. $200ish.

Now, my source of income is in jeopardy. Life is good.

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