Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday Things (of the VW type)

Hello, it's me....I know it's been a while. As previously noted, new job, new city, travelling back and forth to home, blah blah blah....

Trolling today (kinda slow day at work, everyone else has either headed to the airport (consultants like me) or are on-site and this new For Sale item caught my eye. The seller is asking $3400, which these days (after some ridiculous sales in the big auctions like Barrett-Jackson) is quite the bargain. ***Update*** looks like someone already made an offer! Took less than 12 hours!

Don't believe me? Here's another thing on that site asking about the same price ($3500):

I don't think the Mrs. would go for it, though.

At the same time, I am watching a few cameras on Ebay, some Fujifilm X-M1s, that I don't feel the need to clear with the wifey, assuming I can get the bargain I am hoping for!

Just for fun, here are some craigslist links, sorry I'm too lazy to post the photos...

A white 73 Covered in bird poop asking $7500

A yellow baja'd version also asking $7500... 

$4500 for a yellow one with sideways photos

One in camo for a reasonable $4950 (also on thesamba with more photos)

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