Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is Civics A Lost Discipline?

I can't believe the level of stupid being exhibited all over the internet and the country over the Zimmerman/Martin case. Locally, I just saw a former teacher on the news totally misrepresent the situation and she probably believes what she said is true. The era of the Low Information Voter is a real thing.

I am sad that so many are participating in, even calling for Mob Rule, and they don't even understand.

I am sad that when presented with the same set of facts, that so many people, some apparently well educated, can't seem to understand how our justice system works and reach a conclusion that is not just wrong, it's stupid.

I am sad that a kid got killed, and that a guy shot him because he thought it was his only choice.

I am ANGRY that our media is this screwed up, that they used this story to create a furor, that they manipulated tapes and created a narrative that barely resembles reality, and angry that they got away with it.

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