Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Argh.... We Are So Doomed By Our Stupidity

Maybe not yours or mine, but our citizenry as a whole is apparently pretty stupid. Easily duped. Argh!!!!!

What am I talking about? From the start of the Martin/Zimmerman story, the race-baiters have been all over it, and last night, on TV, the last person to talk to Trayvon made it crystal clear it had nothing to do with race.

In fact she practically came right out and said "Trayvon was afraid he was a rapist and didn't want to lead him to his little brother (alone, the Dad and fiancee were out), so he didn't go home." Not too far to figure maybe Trayvon did, in fact go after the guy he thought was a gay rapist, a "cracka" as in "police" not "whitey," and started the fight after all.

Does that change your perception of the event? Does the possibility that Trayvon was protecting his and his brother's manhood from a gay rapist alter your stance?

A caller to the Dana Loesch show asked today, "if you are on the ground getting pounded, would you ask the age of your attacker?"

So, all the portions of the fake media narrative are blown up. No way to know this 6' 2" attacker was only 17, and no racial component at all. If there was a "hate crime" at all, it may have been Trayvon beating up a guy he thought was gay.

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