Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lies and Death

I started a discussion on Facebook by posting this Reuters story. Well, folks, for me, this is the place for this, not Facebook. I know nobody reads this, so my audience is larger there, but I will write more openly here.... :) There's a link in my profile there, right?

Anyway, there is no excuse for what the President did and said about Benghazi, and now we know that they knew all along it was a direct terror attack yet lied and misrepresented for 10 days (right? 10? 14?).

A Facebook friend tried to minimize it, saying "it was a crazy, chaotic time, a lot of information was coming in, all of it contradictory...." Sorry, that's just not true. They had a live video feed from a drone and did nothing for 7 hours. 4 Americans died. They knew and did nothing, then lied about it (Obama, Carney, Rice, and Clinton) for weeks, and lied during 2 debates. Lied.

 Derek Hunter at the NY Daily News has harsh words, and I agree with every one of them.

Let me say again what I've said before: when you know something isn't true and you say it anyway, that's a lie. Every intelligence agency on the planet said Weapons of Mass Destruction, so when Bush said it, and when Powell said it, with photos, it wasn't a lie.

This is what a lie looks like, liberal progressive Democrats: your guys talking.

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