Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Road Trip! Well, If I Had $6000.00

This is a very nice Thing at $6000, a very reasonable price, and it would be a great road trip to fly out out, buy it, and drive it home.... Not gonna happen unless I rob a bank, but a guy can dream, right? (SOLD)

I prefer this orange one, cheaper ($5500 4500!!! still for sale! argh!), closer, and not in as good shape as the yellow one, which is why the price is so reasonable for the yellow one! (SOLD)

Edit October 8th: Then, there's this one in Iowa, a little rust and needs some work to get it running for $3500: (SOLD)
and this one, the closest of all in Columbus, OH: overpriced at $4500 by comparison, eh? (SOLD

12-17-2012 addition:
I would take this as a Christmas present, it'd give me a project to work on. (Still for sale $3000 obo)

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