Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Math is Hard

Math is interesting, actually. I find it very interesting in this election where the big story was "lines at the polling places," early voting, voter suppression accusations, when all is said and done, fewer people voted than last time, Obama got fewer votes by nearly 10 million, and Romney got fewer votes than McCain.

Why? Well, for me, the answer is the same as it was four years ago. The Republican candidate was a moderate. That's it. Conservatives didn't go out and vote for either man. Nominate an actual conservative and see the base vote. Find someone that articulates Founding Principles and watch what happens.

The rallies were disappointing for the President because he didn't ignite his voters again, plain and simple. Romney had the Not Obama energy, but the base, the hard-core conservatives sat this one out, again.

Learn, Republicans, get out of the beltway, get out in the country and learn.

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  1. There are some folks out there also pointing out that a lot of older (conservative, mostly) voters died, too, and a lot of younger (liberal, likely) voters have turned 18. Good point, but not sure it explains O's poorer numbers the second time around.