Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Partisan and proud

Well, it's about time we all admitted it, right? I am a partisan and I am not at all sick of partisan politics.

Partisan means I have principles and am sticking to them, that I recognize when the other side is wrong and will not compromise my beliefs and stances so we get along: we'll get along when you see that I am correct in my conservative views and your liberal, progressive, Utopian pipe dreams are exactly what they are: damaging to freedom and damaging to people.

Partisan means saying "no" sometimes and saying "you lie" sometimes and saying "don't tread on me" sometimes. Partisan means that I won't agree to disagree and hope you still like me. Partisan means that if I see you doing something that is contrary to the very ideals and philosophies upon which this great nation was founded, I'm calling you out on it.

What I don't see in DC is enough partisanship, at least from the conservatives. Scott Brown just voted for a crap sandwich in the interest of "bipartisanship," which in this day and age means Republicans giving Democrats what they want. Don't believe me? Look it up. I'll give you a hint: who actually wrote no child left behind? Let's see, he's dead and Scott Brown has his old job.

See, if you have principles, stick to them. They are the rock to which you can anchor in tough times, and not feel like you have to get along. It's the classic story of the ship on course seeing the light of another ship and hailing it to change course to avoid collision. After several rebuffed attempts, finally the captain gets on and says "I am the captain of this freighter and insist you alter your course." The reply comes, "I am the keeper of this lighthouse, and if you don't want to be dashed upon the rocks, I insist you alter yours."

My principles are my lighthouse, and they are conservative ones. Personal responsibility, charity, limited government, liberty. These are not negotiable, up for compromise, nor will I deny them so that we get along, or act in a bipartisan fashion.

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