Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow means what, climate-wise, exactly?

Several excellent articles floating around the web lately about how the IPCC report on warming is crap. Now, you and I knew this, because we think with our brains not our hearts, and we look to the scientific method as a guide to evaluate science, but to many of our dear friends, this may come as a shock.

The WSJ has this.

The New York Post has this.

Now they both (and some others) acknowledge that a hard winter is not "climate" any more than some hot summers, but the crux is this: the "scientists" were and remain advocates for a particular view, not investigators looking to interpret data. That, and the data was bad. Too many temperature stations in stupid locations and too few to boot.

Please, people, wise up to the truth here (it's not "out there" it's right here :)) that it's a scam perpetrated by hucksters with an agenda. Some are in it because they really think it's a crisis and will do or say anything (Ed Begley Jr., for example, who I admire for walking the walk); some are in it for the money (GE and their compact fluorescent bulbs); some want to kill the US economy (the UN); some combine several of these into a scary mash-up (Al Gore).

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