Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bored at Work, unfortunately.

Alright, I'm bored. Bored with work, bored with taxes, politics, tea, tea parties, fat, fire ants, food, chocolate, Facebook, email, cars, grey skies.


On the other hand, BO is the gift that keeps on giving: No Jesus, yes I'm a potential right wing terrorist, and all this deficit spending is a rock upon which we will build a new economy on five pillars of a plan.

That, the coverage of tax day protests was interesting. And Crappy!

Don't get me started on the dog. I know, I know, all the Presidential pets are stupid news, but jeesh. It's not like there are pirates amuck or anything. That reminds me of a funny bit a juggler/performer at the Renaissance Festival did this past season. He was bemused at the Pirate weekend they had had and the new (Disney-movie inspired) love of all things pirate. He likened it to if, in the future festivals 400 years from now, they had Jihad week, or served Talibran Flakes, as pirates were the terrorists of the period! I wish I could remember all his jokes!

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