Monday, April 27, 2009

Blogs,bloggin, blogger, twit, tweet, twitter

I have the greatest thing to say! Don't you all want to hear it? I have to tell you what I just did/thought/ate/drank/said/read!!!!!!!!!!

and the funny thing is, no one will read this cause I haven't told anyone I'm doing it. I had a conversation today about blogs, twitter, facebook, etc., and it was rightly pointed out that it's amazingly egomaniacal (my words) to think that anyone cares about what you (or, in this instance, I) have to say about anything. Although I totally get that and agree, it is a part of that creative impulse that so many now are tapping into in a written way, maybe the way diaries and letters used to fulfill. For me, it's about the desire to write that I've always ignored for lack of effort, mostly: now it's so easy, why not?

This would be more satisfying if it were public, but I admit I'm too aware of the self-aggrandizing nature of this medium to not be embarrassed that I'm doing it.

That makes me double-weird, I think.

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