Monday, June 1, 2015

50 Days To 50 Years.

Today being June 1st, I realized this morning ( a day late and a dollar short as usual) that yesterday was 50 days until I turn 50 (I had to do the rhyme in my head, "thirty days has September,..) on the 19th of July.

I love stupid crap like this, so, it's going to be a thing, of course. I shaved last night, so I can pretend that was the start of whatever the "thing" is, I suppose. BTW, here's me:

Over on the other blog, I added some comments about using the remaining 49 days to drop more than just facial hair, but that's for over there.

So, let's prepare for the big 5-0 in 50 (well, 49) days!

One thing that kept me awake last night was born of binge-watching Long Way Round and starting Long Way Down: taking a 48-state trip in a VW Thing, like I mentioned last August. I seriously would love to take a college buddy pal (as he says, "friends are friends and pals are pals, but buddies sleep together) on that trip, as we love food (we wrote a restaurant review column back in the day) and cars and stuff. Maybe a 2-car trip, him in a Mustang and me in a Thing! Film it, sell it as a show on whatever cable channel carries car/food/road shows....

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