Friday, July 18, 2014

Pre-Birthday Things

Well, it's been a while, and while there has been plenty to say, I haven't felt like saying it! LOL

More to talk about later, but lets' get started with a Thing or two:

This one has been on the samba for a while, he's lowered the price to $1500, and it needs work, but the price is very fair for a Thing in this shape. "1973 thing rusty floor pans need replaced , motor turns free said by PO ran good years ago . Have top frame . Solid body complete . OG gas heater .OG paint text any ? 8653630944 No Title as of now , may be able to get one.... Dont have to sell this car. there is about 1500 in parts on the car. which reflects the price. Cash at my front door talks ."

Compared to this at $1750, and you'll see what I mean:
"Pretty complete and unmolested. 
Engine turns over and is out of the car. 
HOmemade diamond plate floors. 
Some rust here and there, but this body is doable. 
I do not have nay door or the top. 
I would get a rust free decklid instead of welding this one. 
Pretty much bone stock. 
no seats. 
solid home made floors form back in the day. 

I think I have the Louisiana title! "

See what I mean?

Just for fun, here are the 4 most expensive Things on the first (ugly custom stupid one) is asking $35,000, and the other three are asking $25,000:

Searchtempest is my go-to for craigslist searches, and here's one rather close to me reasonably priced at $5900. "Runs Good Drives Good Very solid floors Needs Top !!" Strangely, I think this is another ad for the same Thing with no hubcaps asking more....

This isn't very attractive, is it? asking $2500, but it runs!

This may be the most amusing Thing ad I've encountered: not one clear picture and asking $15,000. Seriously, why even bother adding the photos?

Here we go: a mystery thing, if you ask me. Been sitting outside as a sign, so how about some actual information like, gosh, I dunno, does it even have an engine?  BTW, it's spelled "volkswagEn" 

Still, that's a great price. $1200

"1974 Volkswagon Thing --------I have used this car as my Antiques sign in front of my shop for years. I can send more pics by text if you are interested. Car is located at 301 W. Franklin St. Sylvester Ga. TEXT me for more information"  

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