Friday, May 9, 2014

I Said It First!

Just yesterday I was on a very mild rant about something I hate, which is meaningless gestures for gestures' sake, you know like Odysseus dabbing at his dry eye as though he was dabbing a tear, or, more specifically,  like the First Lady holding up a tweet hashtag.

Seriously? Your husband is the President of the United States. You can say "Barack, effing fix this now." And you engage in a MEANINGLESS GESTURE?


The thing is, didn't I just bring this kind of crap of on Earth Day? To quote myself, 
Ok, now, "Awareness." I am SO SICK of Awareness Campaigns. Everyone knows about cancer, ok? Everyone knows about AIDS, Diabetes, Juvenile Diabetes, MS, ALS, drunk driving, hunger, abuse, cigarettes, ALL OF THESE THINGS!!!!!! About the only thing most people aren't aware of is just how much human trafficking is actually going on everywhere.

Secondly, are the "I support blah blah blah" crap posts everywhere. This was lampooned on Facebook recently and many people didn't even get it. The probably think Swift was serious about the baby thing, too.

If you have a pet cause, write a check. If you want to affect change, raise some cash. We are aware, and we support sufferers everywhere, so instead of "liking" or re-tweeting DONATE. Quietly.
It's not over, though, we sent an explicity non-military force, but rather, investigators to assist. "Don't worry terrorists, we aren't ccccccoming to kkkkkill you!"


Now, all of this being said, this showed up from Rush Limbaugh. I said it first. He is taking some heat for it, but obviously I totally agree with his point. If the flippin' President just "wishes" he could do something, what point is there in being the flippin' President of the United States?

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