Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In Honor Of Earth Day, Awareness, and Support Campaigns

Well, it's Earth Day, apparently, and I am already annoyed with all the Facebook posts, tweets, etc., especially from news sites and organizations trying to gain some viewers. By the way, here is an excellent post about all the information and mis-information about Earth Day: truth and facts matter! (read the comments for first-hand stories).

Here's a thought: be like Dave. My habits include turning off lights not in use, managing the thermostat, recycling as much as I can, creating little garbage, watering with rainwater when I can, not watering my lawn, only flowers and crops, no pets (except for two goldfish in an outdoor water feature), timers on some lights, if it's yellow let it mellow, not washing most clothes after just one wearing, brushing my teeth with the faucet turned off, always using the cold water rinse setting, ceiling fans, combining trips whenever possible, eating leftovers.

I have mentioned before that my family of five routinely produces less garbage than the much-more-progressive-liberal-Democrat couple that live next door (who are fantastic neighbors even though their dogs dig and poop in my yard occasionally), and it's true. Granted, part of the reason is that we eat out so much because of the crazy kid-driven schedule, but we just don't create a lot of waste. It's not that hard to do, frankly. I've always said about recycling "it's too easy to not do." (feel free to google "stupid recycling rules" for some notable exceptions)

Ok, now, "Awareness." I am SO SICK of Awareness Campaigns. Everyone knows about cancer, ok? Everyone knows about AIDS, Diabetes, Juvenile Diabetes, MS, ALS, drunk driving, hunger, abuse, cigarettes, ALL OF THESE THINGS!!!!!! About the only thing most people aren't aware of is just how much human trafficking is actually going on everywhere.

Secondly, are the "I support blah blah blah" crap posts everywhere. This was lampooned on Facebook recently and many people didn't even get it. The probably think Swift was serious about the baby thing, too.

If you have a pet cause, write a check. If you want to affect change, raise some cash. We are aware, and we support sufferers everywhere, so instead of "liking" or re-tweeting DONATE. Quietly.

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