Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Make Movies In My Dreams

Not that I had a dream about a movie, but a dream that could have been one.

I had a job, somewhere, it was new, some kind of computer job, maybe tech supportish (which I don't do) but I know I had a change of clothes, and that I found a little shared office with a couch/cot/bed in it that I was going to sleep. There was a photo of four guys (two white, one light skinned black, one Indian) and/or a notebook, and it was signed by one of them, one that survived a mountain hike where "one got left on the mountain."
The guy that used the other half of the shared office mumbled something about it belonging to the other guy that worked there, who was definitely of Indian (the country) heritage, but American. Where he was and why I was using his space to bed down for the night (I had "worked" in another spot across the hall of something) wasn't clear. This morphed into seeing bits of the hike, including parts of them carrying a wrapped body down a rocky trail. Then more scenes of them climbing up, including the victim of the story (the black guy) getting weak, but soldiering on, then getting groggy, unable to focus, and them exchanging concerned looks. Lying him down by a fire, the top of his head almost in it, all showing like footage shot for a show, all in color. I specifically remember them trying to get him to eat, but he groggily waved his hands like he couldn't grasp the food much like an old sleepy nursing home occupant might (as opposed to waving it away). Other bits of getting ready to hike/climb (but not technical climbing at all, definitely a more recreational camping hike gone bad, but it didn't look like he should have died in the dream), and maybe scenes of a rescue of someone else or news-like glimpse of either a rescue of body recovery.

As always, I wish I could remember more, it fades so fast. It had all the elements, though: a frame story of me (or whoever it was) in an unfamiliar place, discovering a relic, which leads to an explanation of the relic and seeing the resulting story unfold that the relic is a part of (or a memento of). I awoke before the wrap up and ending frame part. Dangit! I always miss the ending.

I have these seemingly original story dreams fairly often, I had several vivid ones on vacation over Christmas (on the boat), which I figured may have come from the Scopolamine patch I was wearing, but that wasn't the case last night! I don't think that that is one of the side effects, anyway, according to my ridiculously brief Wiki reading.

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