Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday: Things (VW), Wanderlust, Tumblr, the usual.

Let's see, I've been back "at work" for a day and a half, and I have to tell you, coming home from a vacation on a Wednesday sucks. Gotta remember that.

I've spent a ridiculous amount of time on Tumblr (be careful, though, there's a lot of nsfw there! it's still the interwebby, after all), and the usual time on the Samba and searchtempest looking, wishing, wanting. Not, clearly, working.

After the cruise, I am reminded of this quote used in EPCOT's Impressions de France film (during the hot air balloon scene) from Baudelaire:
Mais les vrais voyageurs sont ceux-là seuls qui partent
Pour partir; coeurs légers, semblables aux ballons,
De leur fatalité jamais ils ne s'écartent,
Et, sans savoir pourquoi, disent toujours: Allons!
I like the movie narrator's translation of the last lines best: "they leave for the sake of leaving, and without knowing why, they always say, 'we must go'"

Even though, I just got home, I am ready to go. I want to travel more, but reality (3 kids, a mortgage, etc.) makes it difficult. Check my Pinterest page for the bucket list. A few other things make me want to travel more, by the way. Like, for example certain cars. The Land Rover Defender will cease production in 2 years. That sucks.

Then, when looking on Tumblr for any peeps in Cincy that have tumblrs, I find this one filled with images that make me want to just go. Anywhere.

So, lets go somewhere and buy a Thing. Oh wait, I don't have any money. Oh well. $1500? Please. Dangit! This guy has no idea what it's worth and I am broke, as usual.

Here's another one that I think is underpriced at $5000. Dude, spend $100 to get it going and ask $7000.

That being said, here is what I would call a fairly priced Thing, just up in northern Ohio, $4700.

I thought I'd posted this one before, it's in Texas and is down to $2500 OBO, and if it runs, it's definitely a steal. I like to toggle between the first 2 pics and make the doors open and shut. :)

of course, if this showed up on my doorstep, I'd be fine.... talk about going anywhere, this (or this) would do that:

Time to plan some trips and sell some stuff to make some money, maybe, eh?

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