Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thatcher's Enemies Reveal Themselves

So, this from the Telegraph tells us eveything we need to know, right? I love it when the socialists, marxists, etc., prove we conservatives right with their words and behavior......

*** Update, this commenter on a Heritage article makes an excellent point, that I didn't explicitly make here:

Perhaps the left in the United States have been infected by the same malicious virus that taints the left here in Great Britain. We on the right look down on the left as misguided and foolish whereas the left viscerally hates us as evil child killers, or worse. It is inconceivable that proper-thinking conservatives would ‘dance in the streets’ at the death of Chavez or eventually Castro (2 icons of the left), but that is exactly what has happened on the death here in England of one of the world’s greatest post-war leaders, Margaret Thatcher. We live in strange times.

He or she also makes a point I've been making for years about the ideological battle. We think the left is wrong, they think we are evil. If you don't recognize and fight that, you can't win the ideological battle. Anyway, the oppposite is true: leftism is evil!

"On Facebook she appears in photographs holding a hammer and sickle flag and posing alongside former Cabinet Minister Tony Benn and left-wing writer Owen Jones." She's a communist?

"Blythe said her dislike of the former Prime Minister came from being told she might never find work on leaving school in 1984 " She's selfish?

"A number of police officers were injured on Monday and arrests were made as hundreds held parties around the country when news of Lady Thatcher’s death was announced.

In Bristol six officers were injured as they tried to break up a gathering of around 200 people and were pelted with bottles and cans. One officer remains in hospital and one person was arrested for violent disorder.

In Brixton, south London, smashed windows and looting of shops was reported as two women were arrested on suspicion of burglary.

More than 100 people gathered in south London suburb - the scene of fierce riots in 1981 just two years into her first time in office. Some scaled the nearby Ritzy Cinema and changed the film listings to read "Margaret Thatchers dead".

Anarchist groups have warned of more mass protests on Saturday, with expected numbers between 2-3,000.

The events are being organised by a group called Class War with help from other groups such as the All London Anarchist Revolutionary Mob, which says it is “committed to radical action to undermine the state,” are also mobilising supporters to attend 25 locations across the country."

They are a bunch of thugs? Anarchist Thugs?

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