Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things For Sale (and an FJ or Two)

OK, i found some Things on craigslist that I wanted to share:

poster wants 4500, I'd offer 2500 for  starters.
It's back, for $3600, a much more reasonable price!

this one is asking 4250, for comparison. (SOLD, it appears)

Here we have a price and quality match, I think, 2800  (someone agreed, SOLD) (here's a $4000 one in the same town better than the green and white one above)

Now, i looked for Toyota FJs for fun, too, and found these:
2000 will get you this (or someone else, the listing is expired)

or 5500 will get you this (or would have, the listing is expired)

Nice items for today's perusal!

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