Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two interesting articles while we're talking about environmental stuff

Polar bears are stable, population wise. Duh.

The ever-interesting John Stossel has this to say about a "fracking" documentary, oh wait, I mean "documentary." Didn't know about it at all, the practice or the movie, and it leaves me with one question:

Who in their right (or left) mind would believe these so-called documentary makers? Supersize Me was a crock, and Food Inc. was better, but still had typical deceit, Michael Moore always lies to make his point, and this? At least Waiting For Superman admitted the point of view (which is one that I happen to agree with) and admitted that by far, most charter schools do no better, or do worse, than the public schools.

If you have to lie or exaggerate or manipulate to make your "point," I think maybe your point isn't very valid. Either way, you are still a liar, exaggerator, or manipulator, aren't you?

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