Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nature is Mocking Me

So, we have two lovely Cooper's Hawks nesting next door, a repeat from last Spring when they were in our huge front oak...here's one:
and Sunday, after I spent time cleaning out our little fish pond of the muck the chipmunks dumped in there during their winter digging so that our one, lonely, large feeder goldfish that has survived 3 winters now wasn't swimming in brown goo....

...the hawks must have decided snakes, chipmunks and whatever birds they were eating were boring so uncharacteristically (according to my research) they took the fish.

Then, this morning, my wife looked at the lovely window box of pansies her mother had just commented on last night to see that the deer had eaten the blossoms during the night.

I consider myself a friend of nature, but it mocks me....

so, the next day, one of the hawks took our neighbor girl's pink headband off of her head at the base of the tree in which they are nesting...they called the zoo, who tagged one and said the chicks should be around for about 6 more weeks, then things should be safer!

(If you read me much, you should know I am joking: nature is. It doesn't hate, mock, ridicule, punish, or love. It is. One earthquake and Japan moved. Towns that used to be above the tides now get wet. Try to do that, globalwarming believers, you'll never accomplish it. Never. Nature did it.)

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