Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fixing stuff

Yep, felt pretty manly last week, fixed the washing machine all by myself. Sort of. I had help from the interwebby thing! You should know this my now if you don't: people that fix stuff like to share their knowledge, and they do it on the internet.

Car trouble? Google it. Appliance not working? Bing it. Roof problems? Ask it.

My top half of the agitator wasn't agitating, so I searched "washing machine agitator not turning" and found this guy's tutorial, the first result in Google. Bingo.

Called my favorite appliance parts store, ok, the only one I know of, and they were like, "yep, agitator dogs, $4.22, in stock." Lunchtime jaunt there and back from work in 22 minutes, and maybe 45 minutes in repair time (the most difficult part was putting it back together aligned correctly so the parts would snap together and not just push the parts out. As the guy at the store said, under 5.00 to save the motor? Good deal and smart engineering.

Good deal indeed.

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