Friday, December 5, 2014

Why Journalism is Dying In a Job Description

You want to know why print journalism is dying in the USA? Here's a job description I came across today, bold, underline, and italics are my emphases: and The Enquirer are searching for a Community Press Content Coach to join our newsroom.
As Community Press Content Coach:
  • 100% of your work is focused on the 25-45 audience.
  • You work with reporters to identify the watchdog questions that will help readers make smart choices for their communities and get to the bottom of their questionsYou ensure the reporter uses public records and the best sources to be authoritative.
  • You ensure watchdog stories deliver clear findings that are unique in the community.
  • You identify stories that are best told through emotional narrative and coach reporters to develop the characters and places  relatable to the 25-45 audience.
  • You ensure that the Community Press/Recorder reporters collaborate well with Enquirer rpeorters. They should share tips, sources, and report stories together to ensure all Enquirer Media readers get the best and most relevant content.
  • You plan for mobile first to determine the best storytelling approach and what assets the reporter must gather to produce content that is complete, authoritative and shareable.
  • You deliver to the planner on time, to ensure our products are interesting every day and the reporter/photographer can build a following.
  • You ensure each content creator is the news leader in their field. They are competitive; they rarely get beat.
  • You can demonstrate ways that you coach reporters to help them be successful.
You report to: the Editor

I like that the idea is an "emotional narrative" because that's what news is all about, right? Emotion. Not facts, thoughts, actions, noooooooo. It must be "relatable" and "shareable" so the reporters don't "get beat" and can "build a following."

That's fantastic. Oh, and let's not forget the typo, "rpeorters" in the text. Wow.

I thought the person that did these things was called an "editor" not a "Content Coach." Welcome to the new age, I guess.

Remember, this is the company (Gannett) that just reorganized (eliminated) a pile of positions, and asked experienced journalists to re-apply for their jobs in an effort to get them out of the organization. Award-winning long-term writers. If you want to work in this field, you are nuts. I wouldn't bring any personal items to your desk, so you can carry everything out when it's your turn to get "re-organized."

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