Friday, March 28, 2014

Some More Friday things

I like this ad, actually. Maybe not the Things described (although I could be swayed), but here's the whole ad:

1973 VW Thing Pair of Two Type 181 - $1100 (Annandale, VA)

I will assume that if you opened this Craigslist ad you know what a VW Thing is. I have two of them, both in non-running condition, with title. Both 1973 and the last active registrations for both were in Oklahoma in 1992. Since 1992 they have been transported to Pennsylvania, Delaware and since 2000 both have been in Virginia. One is currently garaged and one is covered in my driveway. 

I want to be clear, these are projects, not driveable cars. 

Manual transmission, no air conditioning, air-cooled vw engine. 

Both will, at a minimum, need tops (they have tops, but in need of repair or replacement), floorboard repair, tires and batteries in addition to the usual work required of cars that have not been driven in more than 20 years (although the garaged one was run--not driven--in 1999). 

Only one has the original gasoline eberspracher heater. 

Two tow bars are included with the sale. One tow bar mounts to the bumper and the other tow bar is the type that attaches to the front axle of a vw. 

The vehicles are located in Annandale, VA inside the beltway. They can be shown on a nice day (seemingly rare lately!). 

Pictures, where are the pictures? Well, when the weather gets nicer, I suppose I can take some pictures but, until then, no pictures so please don't ask. If you're seriously interested, you can make arrangements to come take a look with your own eyeballs. 

The price is for the pair and not splitting them up so please don't ask if you can purchase just one. If one's good, two is even better!

All initial coordination will be done by email. There will be time to talk on the phone or in-person later.

Two cars for $1100 (which I don't have, but still....) isn't a bad deal. I will check back for photos!

Next, in Ocala Florida, $3500. If I find a pile of cash, this is on my route home from spring break! Dreaming, that's not gonna happen!

I generally prefer Things stock, or close, but this one (which is pretty close to stock) is cool, at $8500:

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