Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Like Mind (with more time and expertise)

I have been enjoying this blog about AGW, and the bunk that gets propped up as "science."

We are especially like minds in the media's role in the hysteria, like this post is which he destroys the headlines about the storm on St. Judes's Day. The British Press is just as bad, if not worse than the US.

"The Met Office have now issued their comprehensive report on the St Jude’s Day storm, that hit southern England in October.
Readers will recall idiotic headlines at the time, describing it as “The Storm of the Century”, “Unprecedented”, “Superstorm” and “A repeat of 1987”. I pointed out at the time that such claims were patent nonsense, and that the storm was not an unusual event.
The Met Office report now confirms what I was saying."

Much like the hype over typhoon Haiyan being the worst ever (like this Guardian article asserts) one of the strongest ever, or the deadliest ever, it wasn't. Every article that reveals the truth has to share how horrible it was to fend off accusations of callousness, I'm sure, but the criticism is rightly directed at the media outlets that hyped the horrible storm into the "worst, deadliest, strongest" so that more people would buy their papers or watch their telecasts (I can't bring myself to call them "newscasts" anymore). My new-found writer above also comments about this.

Simply put, don't listen to the talking heads. They lie.

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