Friday, November 1, 2013

Thing Friday!

I should be working, but there are Things to examine on the internet!

Let's start with this beater. $1750? I don't think so, unless it runs great (which is doubtful given the condition). Mid-state New York. (see other post, the dude crushed it out of spite)

Next contestant is this lovely item. Reduced!! Should be about the above price!! Not $3000!! Kansas. (down to $2500)

This isn't a bad deal, for $5200 actually, if they accept a little less with cash in hand. Illinois.

Feeling handy? The car is free, you pay for the parts that need to be attached.....$3900 in New Hampshire.

This Florida thing is actually very reasonably priced at $6000 even with the blurry pictures. I agree, who needs a top!

C'mon, dude, no picture? (he added photos!) Seriously, with just 5,600 miles and asking $4900, we need visuals! Austin, TX.

Close to home, just over in Indy, is this $4000 flat tire Thing. Kid, you got potential! A little much for a non-runner, if you ask me.

How about another fixer-upper? $3800 obo (now just $3500)

$2300 or less could get you this Thing in Florida: The is your best resource for all kinds of Things and info, but as you can see, there are plenty out there on craigslist.

This no-photo-ridiculously-low-priced Thing is on craigslist now, the link on the other post has gone dead. The description does not match the price. Period.

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