Friday, August 9, 2013

Photos and Stuff

Thanks to a link in some Men's Health-daily-whatever email I get, I started poking around on these photographer's pages:

Robert-Paul Jansen's site, or just check out his blog for some gorgeous photography.

You should have already heard of Kevin Russ, he's become a 'thing' as he has been living off his pics and travelling the West taking pictures. Here's a short little article, and here's another with some links.

I wish I had their eye, and I wish I had that life sometimes! Nevertheless, here's the places where they sell their photos to make some cash from their passion of taking pictures:



most have contributed to, but don't seem to prefer iStockphoto As Jansen put it on instagram, "it didn't feel right."

That being said, I want some stuff. an OlloClip a GorillaPod and a Glif Plus set.

I took this!

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