Thursday, August 25, 2011


Good Lord, things suck right now, and that's my whine for the day. We're not starving or having bombs dropped on us or getting attacked with machetes or anything, but I suck at being a breadwinner and the shit is piling up. Can you say "under-employed?" I knew you could.

Oh, and screw you, Duke Energy.

"You must get Smart Meter, even though you just got new digital meter last year. Sure, you have scheduled Smart Meter installation, but until you receive Smart Meter, you cannot submit digital meter's reading online.  You must pay what we say you owe, even though we are just guessing at your usage, not just the minimum payments you have been making. In fact, we will turn your power off on the very same day you receive your notice in the mail. Then, when you call and make a token payment we will lie and say someone will come and turn it on by midnight. Twice. Then, when you call and ask where the heck the service person is at 30 past midnight, we will tell you we don't do "turned off at the pole reconnections" after midnight, sorry about your refrigerated food. You can call your local office in the morning to submit a claim for the food cost. Then, in the morning, we will apologize and say they were busy, you are at the front of the line and they will arrive within the hour. Then the Smart Reader Replacement crew will arrive and leave because the power is not on. Then we will say that we don't reconnect for 24 hours. You will say that you were lied to, then, and that you would have emptied your fridge into coolers and stayed at an air-conditioned friend's house instead of sweating the night out. We will offer to exempt you from the $50 reconnection fee. And we will still not know when your power will be restored."

Screw you Duke Energy. 28.5 hours after we called, you showed up.

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