Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All Work and No Play

Well, last night was home improvement night, and I must say, I got a fair amount done and perspired enough to show it!

With our Central AC out, we've been using 2 borrowed air conditioners, a small window unit and a portable floor model. Yesterday, I borrowed a 3rd unit, a large window unit, from the wife's brother's shop: it was dirty, let me tell you!

It cools like a beast, though, and I succumbed to the wife's wishes and put it in the boys' room, moved that little one upstairs, and can only hope for little rain so that the cardboard in the open window sections stays dry-ish... what a pain.

On the upside, having AC in the bedroom might help break the 17-day dry spell....it is my birthday, after all. :)

I did manage to get 20ft of new vinyl gutter installed almost completely, just an endcap and some screws in the joiner piece and all should be done. Not a difficult job at all as it turned out, just hoping the chalkline was accurate and the fall is enough!

**UPDATE 2*** The other half of the front is done, about 15 feet, plus endcaps and screws in the joiners, so I can call those sections "complete."  Next is either the sides of the porch (4 ft. each) or the garage. Definitely need gutter covers, though, there was already bits of bark, moss, and shingle crap in there!

so, on the birthday night, we found a leak in the laundry room ceiling: after some perspiration and cleaning, discovered that the ice maker supply line leaving the "switch" had come out of the compression fitting....grrr. Fixed it, though. Oh, that other matter? Sorry about my luck. (update: 25 26 days. oh well broken at exactly one month)

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