Friday, June 10, 2011

A List of Tips To Generate Traffic to Your Blog

Spinning your wheels?

Well, there are a gazillion bloggers making money telling people how to make money blogging, most of which tell you to blog about how to make money blogging...

This one has some good nuggets in here, in addition to suggesting you blog about blogging to Insanely Increase Your Blog Traffic.

the first 25:

1. Create lists.
2. Write a tutorial.
3. Give away your very best content and some.
4. Be current – write about tomorrow today.
5. Don’t write about your cats, dogs, boyfriends, kids.
6. Be timeless – write a post that will remain current for years.
7. Write with “everybody is entitled to my opinion” attitude.
8. Write about your kids.
9. Write about other bloggers’ best posts.
10. Make your own “best of the best” list.
11. Become an expert in your niche.
12. Break news.
13. Make news.
14. Write short, laconic posts.
15. Do interviews with the “cream of the crop”.
16. Use polls, giveaways, and other eye candy.
17. Write long, conclusive posts.
18. Answer your comments.
19. Answer your email.
20. Write about pros and cons of an issue.
21. Write on a controversial topic and close comments.
22. Make readers depend on you by sharing your expertise generously.
23. Write about blogging.
24. Blog about writing.
25. Take an alternate position.

I have to tell you, many of the items in the list are totally new to me, since I only do this for fun and have never attempted to monetize this thing. I see no reason to remain so silly about it, so I just may sign up for Adsense and try to become an affiliate for a couple of music sites and some catalogues I like!

Thanks to Ana Hoffman at Traffic Generation Cafe for creating this list!

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  1. You do realize that this is a shameless experiment to see if it will drive traffic to my blog, don't you?