Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yes, it's 2011, and I have no answer to the question: which is preferable, "twenty eleven" or "two thousand eleven," but don't hold that against me, ok?

Like much of the modern world, I'm using the calendar's turn to start hammering out goals and expectations for the future, short term and long term. First to fall was the "hey, maybe I'll not eat french fries." Next should be my decision today to limit myself to 2 Diet Cokes a day, but since I only have 2 here at work, I can keep that resolution for now and drink water and milk at home...or some of the egg nog we have left. I have gotten a couple of good resolutions jokes in, like "I'm gonna drink more coffee: one sip and I can check that one off" (I don't drink coffee). For me, simply replace "coffee" with "beer" or "booze," repeat the joke to the appropriate audience, and suddenly one joke becomes 3.

I did get a workout in last week and plan to keep it up, it totally kicked my butt. Serious jello legs. Now, I am a desk jockey and have been fairly sedentary for some time now, so of course I was winded and quaky! Here's what I did, and here's what I based it on (you may have to read that workout several times to figure it out, unfortunately; it's not a well written article!)

I did 4 moves in a row with essentially no rest between, then repeated that circuit. I thought i could do 3, but I was very wrong. A little embarrassing, frankly, but you have to start somewhere!
1.Pushups, 10 reps
2.Reverse lunges with a dumbell press,  10 reps each side
3. Partial pullups or static hangs as able (on one of those Stretching Station thingys,  10 reps all sketchy at best
4. Prisoner squats, 20 reps.

After this, I hit the treadmill for an interval, but not too fast: slow sections were 1.5 mph, fast ones varied from 3-4mph, about 25 minutes total. I kidded with my wife and daughter about puking, but I wasn't too far away from it, between you and me.

The article said do 5 reps of each exercise in a circuit and repeat for 10 minutes, so that's what I'll try this evening, replacing my feeble pullup attempts with the recommended Inverted Rows!

Onward and upward!

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  1. managed two circuits last evening, and am pleased to report that I am not sore today, which simply means I need to work harder!