Wednesday, December 15, 2010

tax cuts? pomplamoose?

Totally random and not at all associated, so maybe I'll mess up some search engine optimization.

When are tax cuts not tax cuts? When not keeping the current tax rate will result in raising taxes. Simply put, Congress controls tax rates, and they chose to agree with Pres Bush that lowering them was a good idea, but in an act of tremendous political courage (psych!), figured a way to get some political coverage years down the road by making them "expire" which is hilarious since THEY CONTROL THE TAX RATES anyway and can raise and lower them whenever they damn well please.

So, by not voting to un-expire the current rates, somehow they aren't raising taxes? And these are tax cuts if they vote to maintain the current rates? No reasonable person could possibly believe this.

So, my question is this: are they liars or are they insane?

Totally unrelated, I've been really enjoying Pomplamoose these last few days, so go visit their youtube so they get lots of hits and stay successful!

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