Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Death of Journalism

Well, plenty more indications that journalism is dying and why. Funny enough, this knowledge is accompanied by a prominent "journalist" writing a piece stating that Journalism is too important to die, or be for profit. That's right, folks, newspapers, news, should be 401-c non-profit. That's enough to prove the guy's a nutroot.

Funny enough, there are examples of news organizations making money. That, of course, is immaterial to the argument. Fox News is the devil, after all, even if Britt Hume and Chris Wallace have more jouranlistic gravitas than, say, all the ex-Clinton hacks on the major networks (can you say Stephanopoulos?).

The major media got punk'd over the Chamber of Commerce's fake support of Cap & Trade, and were busted on it. They lied about Rush Limbaugh for the express purpose of derailing his Rams investment opportunity and slammed their fellow Juan Williams for pointing out the lie. I love Charles Krauthammer's take: CNN fact-checked a SNL skit, but not the Limbaugh false quotes.

Welcome to the end of American journalism, let's hope its replacement actually does its job so it can stay around.

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